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Check this page to find some fun facts related to your topics to dazzle your teachers with!

Get ready for term 2's facts... Why not do some of your own research in preparation for your new topics!


1/2 Knights & Castles: Facts

Did you know a knights job is to defend their King, not just fight battles!

Another fact: The biggest Castle in the world is Prague Castle and it is 570 metres long and 130 metres wide!

Would you like to live in a Castle? Why?

3/4 Geography Topic: Facts

Did you know that over 67 MILLION people live in France?THAT'S A  LOT OF PEOPLE!!!

Another Fact: A lot of objects are made in China, take a look at the room your in, most of the stuff in that room is made in China!!

5/6 Tudors: Facts

Did you know that King Henry VIII had 6 wives? They were named Catherine of Arragon, Anne Boleyn, Jane Seymore, Anne of Cleves, Kathryne Howard and Catherine Parr.

Another Fact: Anne of Cleves, King Henry VIII's fourth wife, was known as the 'Flanders Mare' because Henry thought she was ugly. The 'Flanders Mare' was a name Henry made up because he thought she looked like a horse! 

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