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Teacher Interviews


Each week we go around asking teachers questions like, "whats your favourite animal?" Keep checking this page to see what weve found out!

Whats your favourite subject?

Mr D- Maths

Mrs Jones- Siences

Miss Cook- Art      

Miss Pozella- Maths


What’s your favourite chocolate bar?

Mrs Jones: Bounty

Mrs Warner: Snickers

What’s your favourite animal?

Mrs Howson: giraffe

Miss Pozella: dogs

If you weren’t a teacher what would you be?

Mrs Woods: nurse

Mrs Camp: owning a cake company

Mr D: Comedian

What would be your dream holiday?

Mr Goddard: travelling in the USA

Mrs Munson Pike: Island in India

Favourite flavour ice cream?

Mrs Doyle: vanilla

Mrs Standen: cookie dough

Mrs Camp: mint choc chip

Mrs Howson: mint choc chip

Mr D: vanilla

What’s your favourite sport?

Miss Pozella: badminton

Mrs Howson: hockey

Mrs Woods: diving

Mr D: basket ball

Mrs Dawson : Gymnastics

Miss Cook: Hockey



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