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Teacher Interviews


Each week we go around asking teachers questions like, "whats your favourite animal?" Keep checking this page to see what  we have found out!

Whats your favourite subject?

Mr D- Maths

Mrs Jones- Siences

Miss Cook- Art      

Miss Pozella- Maths


What’s your favourite chocolate bar?

Mrs Jones: Bounty

Mrs Warner: Snickers

What’s your favourite animal?

Mrs Howson: giraffe

Miss Pozella: dogs

If you weren’t a teacher what would you be?

Mrs Woods: nurse

Mrs Camp: owning a cake company

Mr D: Comedian

What would be your dream holiday?

Mr Goddard: travelling in the USA

Mrs Munson Pike: Island in India

Favourite flavour ice cream?

Mrs Doyle: vanilla

Mrs Standen: cookie dough

Mrs Camp: mint choc chip

Mrs Howson: mint choc chip

Mr D: vanilla

What’s your favourite sport?

Miss Pozella: badminton

Mrs Howson: hockey

Mrs Woods: diving

Mr D: basket ball

Mrs Dawson : Gymnastics

Miss Cook: Hockey


What is your favourite colour?


Miss Cook-purple        Mr Derbyshire-blue      Mrs Jones-blue     Miss Pozella-pink


What is your favourite subject?


Miss Cook-Art     Mr Derbyshire-Maths    Mrs Jones-Maths/Science     Miss Pozella-Maths


Who is your favourite author?


Miss Cook – AA Milne   Mr Derbyshire – Lemony Snicket   Mrs Jones – JK Rowling   Miss Pozella – Jaqueline Wilson


If you weren’t human what would you ?be


Miss Cook-Monkey   Mr Derbyshire-Alien  Mrs Jones-Bird  Miss Pozella-Dog


Who’s your favourite artist?


Miss Cook-Justin Timberlake  Mr Derbyshire- Van Gogh  Miss Jones-Van Gogh  Miss Pozella-Beyonce


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