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Agony Aunties

Hey there!
We are the Agony Aunties!

If you have worries and you really need someone to talk to but you don't know who, then put a worry on a folded up piece of paper in the big red box placed in the spirituality area and tell us what's wrong!

We will answer your worries on this page...


From the Agony Aunties :3



Welcome to Agony Aunties!



Calm Your Nerves!

If you have a worry and decide not to ask us then we have a few of simple tips: 

  Talk-Talk to someone, best friend, mum, dad, carer, babysitter, cousin, aunt, uncle, grandparent, teacher or even the ChildLine (0800 1111).

  Relax - What do you do to wind down? You could write in a journal, dance, call over a friend, sing, play on my iPad, bake or go out to the local shop. Try these things! Other ideas are: play with a sibling, help a parent around the house, Skype/FaceTime a friend or relative or anything else you enjoy!

  Sleep - Everything is better after a good night's sleep, your head will be clearer, you will think of things differently and you will be less tired (things, including worries, often seem worse when you're tired).

        Please put your worries in the worry box in the Spirituality Area!


Problem: I’m stuck on a maths question!


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Problem: I think the teacher hates me and has favourites!😨


Agony Answer: The teacher doesn't hate you at all! Maybe they just got angry at something you did, or their just having a bad day. The teachers are at this school to help you and teach you, sometimes they may get a little annoyed when they need to. None of the teachers have favourites either, if they are especially nice one person, that means that they are being really good and doing nothing wrong, so there is nothing to tell them of about. Thank you for sharing your worries with us! From the Agony aunties⭐️Xx


Problem: Someone isn't being nice to me!😨


Agony Answer: If someone isn't being nice to you, remember not to socialise with them. when you do this don't show any sign of you trying to be mean back to you, just be calm and smile. Stand your ground and don't let them upset you because their just trying to make you sad and unhappy. To take your mind off this go and and play with some other friends and forget about what has happened. When they realise you've stopped reacting to it, they will get bored and stop. Thank you for sharing your worries with us! From the Agony aunties⭐️Xx


Problem: Someone is bulling me really badly and saying offensive stuff about my family and staff behind their backs!

Agony Answer: If you are being left out of a friendship group then try to suggest a game to them that they might like or you go and find some new friends or play with someone else who might be lonely!

Problem: I think that my friend is keeping a secret from me, please can you give me advice.

Agony Answer: If you feel like your friend is keeping something from you just try to not think about it, it's their secret and they might want to keep personal information to themselves. They will share the secret when they feel confident to, in the meantime, just show them that you're a trustworthy friend. If you feel concerned that they are upset about something then tell a teacher or put something in your class worry box.

Problem: My life has ups and downs, like a roller coaster but recently I have had a big drop. Can you help me?

Agony Answer: If you feel like you have had a big drop in your life and you are upset about it then talk to your friends about it or if you don't want to, then tell your parents or teacher. Just remember that you have friends and family who care about you very much.

Problem:I sometimes get left out on the playground and people try to outnumber me.

Agony Answer:If this is troubling you alot, talk to someone you trust. Getting things off your chest makes you feel much better, especially when it's something like this. And when you go outside, just ignore the bullies and go and play with your real friends.

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Problem: I am starting to get quite shy and I keep on getting nervous for things!

Agony Answer: If you keep on getting nervous, tell yourself that you can do it. Just think of it as a normal, everyday activity. Once I was stuck on a tall, scary obstacle but I pushed myself to do it and I was so proud when I did it! Sometimes you have just got to believe in yourself!!


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