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Keep practising your maths and times tables!
 Hand your homework book in at the end of term!

You should be practising every day!

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Homework for KS1:


  • A piece of visual/practical homework for Maths. Puzzles and practical problems for them to apply their mathematical knowledge to and solve 

  • Five spellings from the children’s ‘Word time’ based on sounds learnt that week. Three or five ‘End of year’ spellings from the word mat Check this page for links to maths games to go with the children's maths homework

Homework for KS2:

  • MyMaths to be set weekly, focussing on an area that has already been taught
  • Five spellings from the ‘End of year’ mat and five spellings from the spelling pattern that is being covered that week. 

       Check this page for links to maths games to support the homework!


Maths games and links for KS1 

Maths games and links for KS2



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