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Youth University

Youth University is on a Friday afternoon  with different opportunities you wouldn't do in a normal lesson time. We've been doing loads of different activities: basketball, sewing, the art of food, sitting volleyball and yoga. 

We have been visiting the different activites and interviewing those who are taking part, to give you a flavour of what's going on.

Online news

In online news we write/draw things for the St Gilbert's website. It is ran by Miss Ing and has over twenty pupils."I like online news because you can put anything on the website." Poppy Wilson."Online news is really good because we get to choose the jobs"Lorien Selby

Sitting Volleyball

The children have been playing sitting volleyball. It is a Paralympic sport with the same rules as you have in normal volleyball but sitting down and with a lower net.


 In sewing the children have been making doughnut out of felt. 'It is very fun and creative" Freya Butcher. The elephants that they have been creating have a wide variety of different colours and patterns on the ears, it is very exciting and the children have a lot of fun. Here is one more quote from another pupil, ' Sewing is very fun and everybody loves it. It is peaceful and quiet,' Tabitha Findlay.

Orienteeringfrom this                                  to this

Orienteering, ran by Mr D, is all about maps and finding things."It's very exciting and fun because we look at maps" Eleanor Hilliard."We go outside, and inside so it is always fun." Sophie Dunleavy. 




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